Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's all this nonsense?

While I'm on the topic of introductions, I figured I might add a word about what I'm trying to do with this blog.

I intend to use it to:
  • Post set lists from my gigs at Fizz and elsewhere. I've gotten into the habit of doing a bit of a post-mortem on most of my sets, as a way to help me remember what worked and what didn't work. Most of the time deejays don't get a lot of feedback about how they are doing, so this is a way to critique myself. Set lists that include this sort of commentary will be labeled with the tag "commentary."
  • Recommend particular tracks of music, and comment about why I think they're good for deejaying (or just interesting). I explained this to my friend Jenna, and she summed it up pretty well: "It's like Peter Strom's [blog], only much nerdier." I'll label these posts with the tag "One Track Mind" so you can easily find them or ignore them.
  • Muse. I'm interested in a geeky way about how people's musical tastes form, so a lot of the musing may relate to this question.
I'm not imagining that a lot of people would actually read this blog, but I'd love to be proven wrong. If you do read it, I'd love to hear from you, to get your reaction to the songs I recommend or to my sets, to get your recommendations on music, or to start an argument about how I'm completely off base (off-bass?) about something.


  1. hello! I just discovered you blog while cherching for some swing music lists!
    I life in QUébec, I swing dance since 4 years and I occasionnally do the DJ to the little bar where we organise some dance during the week, (because the Québec dance school do dance nights friday or saturday ...)
    Anyways, thanks for you blog, I hadn'T have the time to look at evrything yet, but I think thatt the «BPM sparkline» and «freq. distribution» are quite interesting! : )
    How you do them? by hand or with a special program?
    I would love to send you the names of my songs to have some recomandations from you... : )!
    Keep swinging!! :D

  2. Hi Katleen,

    Thanks for your note! For the BPM graphs, see this post:

    Cheers, James