Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have recently been spending some time on

You need to check this site out if:
1) All of your Pandora swing dance stations aren't inspiring you enough
2) You want to listen to DJ's and dancers from across the country play their favorite tunes
3) You are an aspiring DJ that wants to try out music with a crowd rating your selections
4) You are an aspiring DJ that wants a quick way to grow their music collection
5) You are a seasoned DJ (that may be competitive) and you want to strut your stuff
6) You like rating a DJ's selection of a song (as you can "awesome" or "lame" every song)
7) You read this blog and like listening to songs your grandfather thought were hip
8) You will "awesome" the majority of the songs I spin on there -- I get more points that way!

WARNING: It can enjoyably ruin your sleep pattern as you may find yourself with other fellow music nerds that enjoy "geeking" out about different versions of songs, themes, and all out dancing fun into the wee hours of the night.

Rooms to check out:
"Swing Music For Dancers" and "Blues Music For Dancers"

The "Swing Music for Dancers" room has been growing pretty rapidly in the amount of listeners and the "Blues Music for Dancers" room is still fairly new, but I'd expect it to continue to grow.

You are able to upload any files from your computer to play as long as they are in mp3 format as well as search using the already uploaded library.

I've noticed that DJ'ing on this site with a full crowd of like minded (and some not so like minded) DJ's that it pushes me deeper into my collection to find hidden gems I'd forgotten about or didn't even realize I had.

Spread the word! Check it out! I look forward to seeing you on the turntables soon!


  1. Wow thanks for the good review!

  2. So I'm saved from ruining my sleep pattern as it's US only. :-(