Sunday, January 15, 2012

There'll be some changes made...and introducing Bob & Chris

Hello loyal readers. I want to let you know about some big, exciting changes coming to Pustoblogsky. First and've heard about them in my posts, you may have heard them spinning music at dances around Chicago, and now they'll be joining me as official blog authors. Introducing:

  • Chris...a.k.a., the Mysterious Man with the Middles. Chris is my arch-rival in a quest to find the longest possible version of Tiger Rag. So far the best I've done is a paltry 5:25--I'm sure he's got me beat at the moment.
  • Bob...,a.k.a., DJ Thor. Because he brings the thunder to every dance he DJs. Bob is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to dance music--he's sought-after for both blues and swing dances (and last I heard, he was working on his polka collection too). 
I'll let them introduce themselves in more detail (and with actual aspects of their life, as oppose to stuff I just make up). I'm very excited to have them on board--I think it will lead to some great insights, conversations, and disputes that ultimately will need to be settled in the DJ booth or on the dance floor. And I anticipate that it will force me to begrudgingly increase my eMusic subscription level. 

Taking on co-bloggers is a prelude to some other changes around here. Once we dream one up, the blog will be getting a new name, a new URL, and hopefully a face-lift. I'll keep you posted on all of these, so you can be sure to change your blog aggregators and bookmarks. And if you have suggestions for a suitably geeky name, please leave a comment!


  1. the Preservation Hall Jazz Band does a Tiger Rag of 7:46 (on The Essential Preservation Hall Jazz Band). Of any use?

    1. Nice. SuperHeidi takes the lead.

    2. haha, your quest is so funny! and this one was just sitting in my library.

      Maybe cheating, but I took a peek in the itunes store and found Barney Kessel and Shelly Manne on "The Ultimate Collection": 9:53!
      (here's a bad rip:

      My European itunes store is limited. You may find more?

  2. I guess its a tie. That Preservation Hall version is the longest one that I have. The real challenge is finding the fastest version. I have a live Louis Armstrong version that is around 370.