Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Note from a reader

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I recently got a nice email from Steve, an Australian living in Norway:
Just to let you know that we are having fun in Stavanger Norway reading your blog. We are a lindy hop scene here with about 50 regular dancers www.swingcats.no. We've been looking up your songs- so some of them are definitely going to be played here on the west coast of Norway! So thanks for the playlists and all the comments you post with them. Amongst the (few) of us who DJ here we are calling any songs from you the Pustoblogsky songs.
He also passed along a list of favorite songs from his scene, plus some more obscure ones with the aim of recommending some music that wasn't on my radar. I'm still digging through the list, but I may pass on some of his suggestions once I find them.

It's awesome to hear from somebody reading the blog, especially from someone outside of my circle of friends in Chicago. I'd probably keep posting even if nobody ever read it, but it's still encouraging.

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