Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bio-blurb for Madison invasion

I'm djing at the Madison Invasion this coming November, featuring instructors Todd & Ronni from Denver. All the details and registration here. Come dance with me and Mary and our buddies from Madtown.

The Invasion folks requested a biographic blurb, and I ended up out-nerding myself by writing two. They used the first one, but I like the second one too. Here's both:

Bio 1:

James sometimes wonders what would have happened if his dad hadn't showed him that Count Basie album in fifth grade, or if he hadn't played it for his friends. Maybe his schoolmates would have thought he was cool, coach would have put him in the game for more than the last six minutes, that girl Megan would have agreed to go to the Homecoming dance with him, and he would have spent far less time in the library during college. But such is life. James began building up his DJ instincts as early as high school, becoming adept at calling shotgun so as to have total control over the stereo on every car trip. Since then, he has amassed an extensive collection of high-, medium-, and low-fidelity jazz, which he enjoys playing for dancers. He is thrilled when they complement him on his good taste, instead of complaining and insisting on listening to the same Dave Matthews bootleg for the fourth time. He lives in Chicago, IL with his wife Mary, deejays regularly at Fizz, Big City Swing, and other venues, and has no regrets.

Bio 2:

Though he prefers the more traditional if somewhat anachronistic term "disc jockey," James does not mind being called an MP3 monkey, for he knows in his heart of hearts who the real monkeys are. From his solitary perch in the DJ booth, he looks out at a floor full of dancers and thinks to himself, "Hahaha! Dance, my pretties! Yes! Swing out for ME!" before turning back to his music collection to pick out another song that will drive them into further gyrations and syncopations. He treats his pets well, exercising them regularly and feeding them a carefully selected, varied diet of smooth and bluesy vocals, janky uptempo tunes, and solid, swingin' big band music. He lives in Chicago, IL and enjoys feeding the animals at Fizz, Big City Swing, and other venues around town.

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