Friday, December 17, 2010

Gordon Webster's latest: A great stocking stuffer for the DJ in your life

I'm waiting eagerly for Gordon Webster's latest album to arrive in my mailbox, but can't wait that long to tell y'all to get one too. I got to preview two tracks off the album, and feel confident saying--on the basis of those two by themselves--that you really really need to get a copy of the album for yourself. Or several.

One of the tracks I got a listen to is called Milenburg Joys. It starts out with the trumpet, trombone, and clarinet improvising without any rhythm section, which really grabs your ear. Then the band kicks in and makes you want to explode, it swings so nice. It's about 185 bpm, energetic without being loud or heavy, and has an appealing vocal and killer solos. Basically, the most perfect tune you could imagine for a great social dance. I played it at Fizz this week but didn't really get to observe how it went over on the crowd, because I couldn't resist dancing to it myself. So judging solely by how much fun I had dancing (thanks Kat!), this tune is dynamite.
The other tune is a rendition of Bei Mir Bist Du Shane, and is also sweet for social dancing. You can download it for free from Gordon's website, where you can also stream previews of all the tracks on the album. But really, don't bother with all that. Just order the album now.
You could order it as a stocking stuffer for your favorite DJ. I bet they'd like that. Actually, you could also order it as a gift for a DJ that you don't even like, because then they'd at least have 45 minutes of good, very social-danceable music in their collection. Don't order it for me though because I already have a copy coming.
I'll report in again once I've had the chance to listen to it from start to finish.

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