Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock Ya Body

This past weekend Jenna and I taught at Truman State College in Kirksville, Missouri, at an event called Rock Ya Body. It was fun to work with such an enthusiastic group of dancers--doubly so because they picked stuff up really quickly and because they had some very clever Halloween costumes.

Here's the song we used for the routine class on Sunday Morning:
  • Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho - Sidney Bechet - Sidney Bechet: 1949 - 3:20
You can get the mp3 on Amazon here. Here's the (fast) song we used for the Big Apple:
  • The Big Apple Contest - The Solomon Douglas Swingtet - Swingmatism - 2:58
You can get Solomon's albums from CDBaby here, on Emusic here, or Amazon here. Do yourself and your friends a favor by getting the whole albums, because they have lots of great music.

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