Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Madison Invasion

This past weekend I was up in Madison for their Jumptown Invasion. Saturday night's dance featured Patty and the Buttons, an amazing combo from Minneapolis, MN. They are incredibly talented, rather sardonic, very tuned in to making dance music, and have great taste in music. I danced pretty much the entire time they played, then had to take a break and play music between their sets. Here's what I played during the first short break:
  1. Four Or Five Times - Kid Ory - This Kid's The Greatest! - 3:14 - 142
  2. Stuffy - Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five - Jammin' the Blues - 3:46 - 150
  3. If You're A Viper - Helen Humes - Deed I Do - 3:41 - 100
  4. A Smo-o-oth One - Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman - 3:16 - 130
  5. One O'Clock Jump - Delta Rhythm Boys - The Best Of 1940-50 - 2:40 - 180
During the second break we had a little jack & jill contest. Here's the tracks I picked out for the contest. They were supposed to be medium, slow, and fast tempo. The second track isn't all that slow but it is groovier. The third track isn't all that fast--I picked it at the last second (as the slow track was playing) because I thought it would be better to play something comfortable for the dancers in the contest than to make them all sweat too much.
  1. My Baby Likes To Be-Bop - Ella Fitzgerald - Swingin' Ella - 2:45 - 139
  2. I Don't Care Who Knows - Catherine Russell - Sentimental Streak - 3:18 - 125
  3. You Talk a Little Trash - Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five - Crazy Rhythm - 3:55 - 170
Congrats to all the contestants! And thanks a bunch to Jumptown for having us out. We had a great time dancing with y'all.

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