Sunday, August 22, 2010

DJing for newer dancers

dogpossum, an Australian DJ, recently posted some interesting thoughts about how to DJ for newer dancers. I agree with nearly all of what she says. The only thing I might push back on is the tempo stuff--I'd say that the rule on tempo should always be to feel it out based on the crowd at the moment. So I agree in principle that there should be no rules for tempo, but some nights you will find that the crowd just won't dance to anything over 175. On nights like that, you should just give them what they want, rather than trying to push the boundaries to demonstrate that "there are no rules."

Also, maybe it's a difference in scenes, but I'm in a really weird place right now with neo swing. I'd guess that most lindy hoppers around here would react with something like "Are you f-ing kidding me?" if they heard neo at Fizz or some other venue around town. But lately my dance partner and I have been....yes, I admit it...kind of okay with a little neo flavor every now and again. Just every once in a while, it can be fun in a cheesetastic sort of way. Even more, I kind of wish someone would play Cherry Poppin' Daddies or something like that at the big events, just to remind everyone not to take themselves too seriously. Since after all, we are swing dancers, not Alvin Ailey...and swing is awesome and all but honestly swing dancing gives you just slightly more respect than being really good at Magic: The Gathering.

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  1. I'm not explicitly anti-neo-swing so much as I am anti-music-I-can't-dance-to, in general. Especially because where I'm at as a dancer is learning to dance in that pocket and get situated in it, which is really hard to do if the music doesn't swing. :/ But neo-swing that still swings and is of a tempo that I can handle, I'm totally in support of.