Monday, July 5, 2010

Chicago give-away (#1)

My wife and I are moving apartments (still in the neighborhood, just new digs), so today I drastically reduced the size of my CD collection. I'm selling most of the popular and classical music, getting rid of all of my jewel cases, and I've got a stack of music to give away. So, rather than donating it or throwing it out, I thought I'd give away some of the stuff. Would you like some new (to you) music?
The first set I'm giving away is a three-pack of blues music:
  • Muddy Waters: The Real Folk Blues
  • Pinetop Perkins: Ladies Man
  • Otis Spann: Best of the Vanguard Years
All three of these albums have a lot of great music for blues dancing, and a few tracks that are good for lindy hopping too. The Pinetop Perkins album is almost all duets with famous blues women like Marcia Ball, Ruth Brown, Susan Tedeschi, and Odetta, and it is a scream. That dude knew how to work it with the ladies, even at age eighty-something.
This first give-away is open to Chicago-area dancers. (Later on I'll do one or two that are open to anyone in the U.S.) Chicago dancers, if you'd like to have these albums, leave a comment telling me your favorite song for blues dancing or lindy hopping, along with why you like it or why it's your favorite. Do it by next Sunday, July 11th. I'll pick a comment at random and contact you if you win.


  1. James, this is really hard to choose just one. I love Three To Get Ready because it's the song to which our first routine was choreographed. But I'm going to pick a new favorite. Wailing Interval by Duke Ellington. It starts off pretty low energy, it's pretty much carried by a sax and percussion in the back. Then it starts to build, a horn comes in with a really familiar rhythm. And it kind of keeps growing without really getting much louder, playing different bits, and keeping that same simple little percussion going. I'll play it next time at 1st Friday.

  2. Yeah Wailing Interval is a great tune!