Monday, February 2, 2009

Upcoming events

I've got my DJ schedule posted through the beginning of April--click on "Events and DJ schedule" to see my calendar. Highlights:
  • I'm up for the early set at Fizz tonight.
  • This Friday I'll be spinning at the First Friday dance at Big City Swing. The dance runs 8:30-12:00.
  • I'll be representing Louis Armstrong in the upcoming Battle of the Bands, March 21st at the Galaxie. Other featured bands/performers: Jimmie Lunceford (Chris), Benny Goodman (John), Lionel Hampton (Lippy), Oscar Peterson (Doug), and Sam Cooke (Riley). More details to come.
  • I'm DJing at the Hawkeye Swing Festival. Iowa City, IA, April 17th-19th.

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